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Trout in India

Trout in India

Text & photos by Misty Dhillon

Fly Fishing For Trout In the Himalayas

One of India's premier trout runs - a stretch of the Baspa river deep in the Himalayan range - provides the perfect angling environment. The fish are plentiful and the river offers some great and unexplored beats. It is most definitely a trout angler's paradise. The Himalayas in India is a great place to come for a fishing holiday.

Most people don't hear about all this and the main reason for that is their lack of exploration. We sent our sport- fishing experts to this area for a study of the fishing potential and to our surprise they came up with some fantastic results.

Proof in the Catching

In just three days fishing the river they came to the conclusion that this river could offer some spectacular fishing action. Enough to convince us to set up a sport fishing camp over here!

Our campsite on the river Baspa is renowned for sport fishing trout. Both brown and rainbow trout. The fast waters offers great sport on spinners and there are beats for the serious fly anglers too. Dry flies are recommened there and you don't have to wait for long.

The river Baspa is stocked by a large trout hatchery. Smaller trout are rarely caught and the excitement of landing something big is always there.

The crystal clear waters, the silence of the hills and the gentle breeze blowing through the trees are just the right combination to stimulate an angler. The trout usually landed are a good two to three pounds.

The right time to come for fishing the trout in this area is either in March and April or in October. The snow in this area doesn't stay for too long and the weather is perfect for the trout to strike.

The thrill in playing a specimen trout in such an environment has a charm of its own. A few kilometers from Sangla there are a lot of other unexplored beats, offering and variety of fish. These streams are paradise for a trout angler. The thrill of it all is having a big one swallow your fly - leaving you gasping in excitement. The trout here are strong and big, offering the complete angling thrill.

We love this sport and have a great deal of respect for it and that's one reason why we ourselves experience the beats where our guests fish by virtually trying everything to guarantee good results.

Good fishing, everybody. For free and expert guidence on where to fish in North India, you can get in touch with me: ~ Misty Dhillon

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